An update on those silly resolutions

I am a few weeks overdue on this, but I would like to take a mid-year look at the goals I set for the year to figure out where I am now and where I should be. I looked back at the resolutions and these are my thoughts on my progress.

1. Consume less- This is a tough call. On on hand, I am still actively trying to stick to things that are reusable and I am buying very few things new. On the other hand, I am just as much as a crazy packrat as ever, if not more. Our apartment is now completely full including the basement and the garage of my acquisitions. We had a yard sale and just took a ton of stuff to Goodwill, but I have a long way to go.

2. Buy locally- I am rockin' this one. Since I am at the Farmers' market every week anyway I try to buy as much of my week's produce as possible and I try to frequent the small businesses around my neighborhood.

3. Fix my bike- I have been walking a lot lately so I still haven't replaced my poor bike tires.

4. Learn to bake- As most of you know, I gave this a shot toward the beginning of the year, but I quickly got bored. I will probably try again closer to the winter holidays.

5. Start my own business- I gave up every Saturday this summer to vend at local festivals and Sarah and I have been hard at work getting everything ready to open the store. There have been some rather annoying obstacles, but things are finally looking up again. Our anticipated opening date is September 1 with a grand opening event around September 17 with cupcakes and lavender lemonade. I don't know how practical this is seeing as everything has taken three times as long as planned, but I am still very positive about the whole thing.

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Michelle said...

so great to look back on those resolutions! i didn't put mine to writing, though i have them in my head. i'm a huge packrat, but i've been getting rid of TONS of stuff for the past few days!