Secret Pal stuff

Jenn from SP8 requested that all participants do an extra little questionnaire in addition to the one we filled out in the beginning so here are my answers.

1. What is your favorite season of the year and why? Fall, I love the colors and the weather.
2. Summer is hot. What do you knit in the summer? I actually knit more in the summertime than I do in the winter. This summer I have been making market bags and dishcloths. I just started a baby kimono from MDK.
3. If money was no object.....what would you buy at the LYS? I would probably buy a ton of hand-dyed, hand-spun yarns. Lately I have been pretty into linen so I would also buy some Euroflax and some Lantern Moon needles in every size available.
4. What are some activities that have become family traditions for your family? Super Happy Fun Day- a few times a year Philip and I will randomly declare the day a holiday of excess where we only do fun things
5. What is the weather right now? Right now it is bright and sunny outside, about 85 degrees. The weather is absolutely perfect.

Also, I received a new package from my SP spoiler.
This package contained 4 balls of dark red yarn, some white fun fur, a crafty kitchen towel, and Ingmar Bergman novel, a bath puff, and some patterns. Thank you SP!!!

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