One decade down

Today was mine and Philip's 10 year anniversary (or two year wedding anniversary if you count those things.) Ten years ago today, Philip and I went on our first date to see Welcome to the Dollhouse at the Kentucky Theater. We both took today off work to finish up the store in time for our big celebratory dinner, vegetarian for two, at Bombay Brazier. Well, the store wasn't anywhere near finished at dinner time and since we would have had to return to the store right afterward we called and changed our reservations to tomorrow night so that we can go and not be rushed through. Philip, you are amazingly understanding and I love you more than words can tell. Happy anniversary!!


Michelle said...

Wow -- so many great milestones all at once. Congratulations on 10 yrs! Funny -- Welcome to the Dollhouse -- I love that movie!

vania said...

yea! congrats on 10 years, that's wonderful. and congrats too on your store - it looks great!