We are open for business

Yesterday we opened the store to the world. We worked until 3am Saturday morning to get everything ready in time for the opening and with the exception of some signs and other things that you can't see, we were successful.

I want to thank everyone who helped make this happen; whether your contribution was big or small, we couldn't have done this without you. A big thanks to my dad for building all of the large shelves for us to display our stuff and for coming over almost every night to hang, rewire, and do anything that needed a skilled hand; you are amazing. Another big thanks to Sarah's dad who's financial advice was indispensible and who spent two days sanding our front floors and built the shelves that my dad couldn't get to. More thank yous to Bruce, Sally, Mary, Caroline, Zabet, Joyce, Sara Beth, Chris, Tracy, and Philip who cleaned, painted, and took on any odd jobs we needed done (including designing our logo, thank you Sara Beth.) Thank you Sqecial Media for your support and for the 3 shelves you didn't want. Another big thanks to the Album which had to close for a day due to our polyurithane fumes, we are still very sorry about that and we appreciate your tolerance and support. Thank you to everyone who called or emailed us with kind and loving words, you really kept us going. Thank you mom for brightening up our opening with beautiful flowers and candy. A thank you to everyone who dropped by to bring us opening gifts; they were a great unexpected surprise. Last, but certainly not least, a huge thank you to Erik who spent almost every night helping us at the store doing everything from painting and scraping to setting up the store's electronics. I know that we have been moody and difficult to deal with at times, but we really appreciate everything you did for us and none of this could have been possible without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here is Sarah helping our very first customer.


Anonymous said...

YEAYYYYYYY!!! Robyn! You are a badass! You guys did it! I am so impressed and inspired! Congratulations on the store I can't wait to give you my money. I never have to feel guilty for spending too much on yarn, because it'll be like helping out a friend at the same time!!!
I adore you!!!

Michelle said...

Congratulations Robyn!

robiewankenobie said...

your store rocks, dude! i can't wait to knit there!!!

Kirsten said...

Congratulations! Where is this store?

busy hands said...


the store looks AWESOME!