40 before 40, part 2

More goals....

21. Start using our savings account for saving money, not as a back-up when we go over budget
22. Learn about stocks, bonds, cds and other alternative savings plans
23. Set up a solid retirement plan above and beyond the 401K
24. Learn to cook elaborate things that don't cost more than a dinner out (It seems like anytime we try to fix a really fancy meal at home we spend $40 on groceries just for the meal)
25. Start or join a dinner club
26. Learn to play Mahjong
27. Learn poi spinning
28. Knit an afghan
29. Create a family tradition
30. Dance in Thriller

1 comment:

me said...

I can spin poi. I have two sets, "practice" poi with tails and fire poi. I've only lit the fire poi once and it was scary.
Maybe I should make one of these lists...

Could I have your address so I can mail you a little something? ;)