Handmade ornaments

Since I can't post the Christmas presents that I have been working so hard on I will post a few little things that I have been working on that aren't a secret.

First, here are some little ornaments that I knitted for my sister's tree. She wants to decorate her first tree in her new home with handmade ornaments so that it will be special. Unfortunately, due to stupid family drama, she won't be able to use any of our family ornaments. I decided to make some ornaments that will be special and represent her first Christmas with her husband. I made these with scraps of yarn and ribbons.

Then I decided to use some scrap craft felt to make a few sewn ornaments. These were super fast to put together and came out really cute.

I am right on schedule with my gift making which feels good, of course that could all change in a matter of days. Before I started working on my Christmas list I created a schedule allowing myself so much time for every gift. If I finish one a little early I work on another one from the end of the list until it is time for the next one to begin. I am also

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Anonymous said...

Now I really BADLY want those ornaments. They will look great on our tree. Even though I haven't seen them in person they are making me want to cry. Thank you sooooo much.