My secret pal plus another knit blogger

My secret pal was kind enough to reveal herself (again!) as Kim from Hand Eye Crafts. Kim spoiled me beyond belief; it has been a great exchange.

Also, I was working at the shop on Wednesday night when I met fellow knit blogger and podcaster Christine who is visiting Lexington for the holidays. I hadn't heard of Christine's podcast, Pointy Sticks, yet so I was really excited to check it out. While Christine was in the store, Renee from the AntiCraft stopped by so hopefully these gals will get together for the next episode of Pointy Sticks.

I am still struggling to finish my holiday knitting. I am about an hour from finishing my current project and I have one more project to finish by the end of tomorrow. I am planning on knitting nonstop until the festivities begin tomorrow night. I will be posting pictures of all my creations as soon as they reach their recipients.


Zabet said...

The AntiCraft

The AntiCraft

The AntiCraft



Robyn Wade said...

Sorted! :)