More SP surprises

Two amazing packages came in the mail last week from my secret pal and my vegan pal.

First, my secret pal sent me the final package revealing her identity. In typical Robyn fashion I lost the letter revealing her identity on the car ride home. SP, please email me with your identity; I really want to know who has done such an amazing job of spoiling me. This package contained some sock yarn in the perfect green with several patterns to use it with, some amazing red lace yarn, a little Egyptian coffin to keep my dpns and notions in, and a cute little tote to carry it all in.

My vegan pal has never met my secret pal, but she had the foresight to make me a little special date calendar in the same colors and striping as the tote above; how cute is that? She also sent me some dpns in sizes I really need, stitch markers, vegan gummi bears, an Alternative Baking Company cookie in pumpkin spice, lip balm, dark, dark chocolate, and some Uncle Eddie's chocolate chip cookies. This package was definitely worth the wait. Thank you so much, Cathy!!

Philip and I are total Grinches when it comes to holiday decorating and merriment. We really enjoy the other parts of the holidays, just not the decorating. When we lived in Virginia we would take a trip to the kosher store, stock up on vegan junk food and watch movies on Christmas day. It wasn't exactly festive, but we liked it. We would usually drive back to Kentucky a week after Christmas to visit our family for the holidays. This is our second Christmas living in Lexington and we are starting to get the nesting urge. We have never felt bad about our lack of tree or decorations, but this year we are starting to feel a little sad that we don't have lights or a tree. We decided that after Christmas we are going to hit the clearances and stock up on decorations for our holidays next year. We are going to go all out with a tree, lights outside (LEDs of course,) and we are even going to throw a holiday party. It's weird when these urges hit you out of nowhere.

I am still knitting up the top secret Christmas presents and I have accidentally fallen a few days behind schedule. I am trying to catch up by watching more movies after work, but life is getting a little hectic right now at the store so I might have to amend some of my gift ideas. It is going to be a close finish, but I am still optimistic. I am reworking two of my projects to use worsted yarn instead of sport weight, that should shave off a few hours.

We finished almost all of our Christmas shopping last week and things are starting to get wrapped so other than the handmade stuff we are on the right track.


Cathy said...

Yay Robyn! I'm glad it arrived! I'm really sorry about it being so late. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! :O)

Christine said...

It was fabulous to meet you today, and there will be much appropriate gushing about the store later. I can't wait to come out on Saturday and meet everyone!