The newest addition to our household

Philip and I have been talking about expanding our household for quite awhile now. Our only worry was that we would not be responsible enough to nurture another life. Well, the other day we did it, we finally bought a palm tree for the living room!! I know what you're thinking, "But Robyn, you barely water the plants you have." I know, I know, but we have been dreaming of a palm since we first built the tiki bar. Our thought is that as the tree grows (or should I say if,) it will make our living room even more of a tropical paradise. Plus, now we will never have to buy a Christmas tree!! Anyway, here is our new baby...

Since for some reason tropical plants go on sale in the winter, we also purchased a Bromeliad to put in the pot of the last plant I killed (I know, I know.) We picked one that hasn't bloomed yet so we have something to look forward to in the coming weeks.

In other plant news, the bamboo and the succulents we bought over the summer are still alive and well so I do think that we are improving in the plant care department.


Anonymous said...

Oh, our poor baby rubber tree plant. What did we call him? I loved that guy. At least you still have the awesome planter.


Anonymous said...

that is actually a yucca cane-- very hard to kill, but very posionous to animals. so if you have pets, keep them away!