Show your UFO's

In the spirit of full disclosure, here are all of my unfinished projects. Those of you who know me, know that I am a compulsive project starter and here is proof. The projects range from just started to almost finished.
Let me walk you through what I have here. First, in the upper left-hand corner is the owl condom holder. I made a mistake in the seam and had to set it aside- for two months! The pink and brown thing next to that is a sock I am doing for my sock class, the cuff is done and I will turn the heel with the class next Saturday. The big brown blob on the right side is my sweater which I am making slow progress on. The front is done up to the sleeve and I have about 10" done on the back. The bobbles are for a bracelet that needs to be finished for a store sample. The rest of the mess is the cupcake parts I could find for my shelf of cupcakes. I actually have 7-8 bottoms and 4 tops done, but none have been sewn together.

Now my goal is to finish at least one of these projects by the end of the week. Will I do it? Tune in to find out. Anyone else want to show your UFO's?

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Knitting Magic Girl said...

I'm afraid to drag mine out :oP