My first target wave

The other night at snb, Jess mentioned planning to make the target wave mittens from Knitting Nature for her son. I didn't think anything of it until the next day when I was purging my magazine collection (I am on my annual simplify my life kick) and I came across the pattern in the Fall Interweave Knits. I loved the pattern and I have enough scrap yarn for a pair so I decided to try these mittens out. They are knitted flat and then seamed up the side.

Thanks to Ravelry, I knew going in that there were problems with the thumb shaping. Unfortunately, no one was specific about how they corrected these problem so I decided to knit the pattern as is. Once I finished it was obvious that there were too many rows at the base of the thumb and that the thumb was too long. I corrected this by removing the first two rows of plain stockinette stitch and by decreasing the number of rows for the thumb. Also, in the row where it says to evenly decrease across the row I put all of the decreases on top of the thumb to make the thumb slant upward a bit and to give it more comfortable shaping.

The pattern was a very quick knit, even with me knitting the thumb sections twice. I am going to finish the second one today and I plan on making an adult pair for me before the winter.


vania said...

I love how they turned out!

Ruth's Designs said...

Got my package today and it was awesome! Thanks so much, what a blessing you are! I couldn't have asked for a better secret pal.

Amelia said...

lovely mittens. did you have any trouble with the pattern? I am up to 'shape fingertip target' and think that it should say RS, not WS.

krissy said...

i love these mittens! the colours you chose look really striking.