Vegan Pal 2

Vegan Pal 2 is underway and this one is a magic yarn ball swap! The sign-ups are over at Swapbot and all of the information can be found on the Vegan Pal 2 blog. The first round was a blast and the second round is going to be bigger and better so go sign up.

Here's my Vegan Pal 2 Questionaire

1. What is/are your craft(s), & how long have you been doing it/them?

Technically, I have been knitting and crocheting for 10 years, but until a few years ago I primarily crocheted, now I primarily knit. I have been spinning for about 8 months and I am very much a novice, but hopefully after the workshop next month I will be rockin'. Other than that I like to sew, embroider, and reconstruct stuff.

2. Are you a vegan, vegetarian, veg-curious, veg-friendly or other?

I consider myself all of the above.

3. What is/are your favorite color(s)? Do you particularly dislike any color(s)?

I really like warm colors like reds and oranges, but I also love fall colors like rich browns. I hate salmons, peaches and any other pink with yellow in it.

4. Do you have any allergies (such as pets, foods, fibers or cigarette smoke)?

I am very allergic to cat dander. :(

5. Do you have any companion animals? If so, name(s) and type(s)?*

I have a bichon-westie mutt dog named Astrid. She is the queen of our house and our universe.

6. Do you collect anything?

What don't I collect? I collect Catholic paraphernalia, especially thing relating to Mary, pin-ups, tiki stuff, mini plastic snow globes from airports, and now spoons from around the world (I found a collection at a yard sale so I consider myself a collector.)

7. Do you have a favorite vegan food, snack or dish? If no fav that's vegan (for those who aren't vegan), what's your favorite food? (Hopefully your pal can find a vegan version!)

I love the Alternative Baking Company's coconut macaroons and yesterday I had a piece of Thia peanut seitan jerky from primal strips and it was incredable. I don't really eat a lot of snacks, but I am always up for trying something new. As far as regular food goes, there are to many to name- Thai and Indian are my favorites.

8. What are some of your favorite/least favorite tastes/flavors? (e.g. sweet, salty, chocolate, crunchy, smooth, tart, sour, spicy, thai, whatever - Help your pal get a feel for what kind of recipes you might like and/or never ever make.)

I like sweet, a little salty, smooth, tart, sour, rich, creamy, cilantro and basil are big herbs in my kitchen.

9. What tools/supplies/accessories for your craft(s) are you wishing you had but don't? Also, what do you have TOO many of? (basically a wish and anti-wish list)

Wish- I am crocheting more these days and I am really getting into making little amigurumi creatures so I would love small crochet hooks (F or smaller), yarn for amigurumi, or amigurumi patterns (I love these, these, these, and these.) I also love crafty zines so send me something I can't get at the store.

Anti-wish- I don't want any magazine subscriptions or aluminum, plastic or bamboo knitting needles.

10. What type of handmade item would tickle your fancy? What don't you like? (Keep in mind this swap is open to all types of crafters.)

I would love a sewn bag with lots of inner compartments that will magically organize my life. I love handmade drop spindles and handmade stitch markers. I don't like anything country, if you can find it at a Cracker Barrel it doesn't belong in my life. I like things that look handmade, a little rough around the edges (for you Cracker Barrel types that does not mean you can throw some straw into the mix.)

11. Is there anything else you would like your pal to know about you?

No matter what I will love the ball you put together.

12. What scents do you like/dislike?

I love the smell of Nag Champa, sandlewood, and citrus. I hate the smell of lavendar, chocolate, and most fruity scents.

13. Do you prefer fall or Halloween or some other Autumn theme?

I love Halloween, but I really don't want a package full of cheap plastic spiders and other things that I will just throw away so unless you have alternate plans go with the Fall theme. I don't mean for this answer to sound rude, I am just trying to reduce the waste in my life.

14. Just for fun - tell your favorite Halloween or Autumn related memory.

When I was in college I used to go out to this orchard with a pumpkin patch almost every weekend in the fall. The leaves were falling and the air was crisp and filled with the smell of fresh baked apple pie and apple cider. It was everything that fall should be.

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Thanks for the links to those super cute patterns, and thanks for joining the swap!