Car vs. Bike

Philip and I decided five years ago when we moved in together that we would be a one car family. This was really easy to do in Norfolk since we worked together and lived within walking distance of almost everything we needed. When we decided to move to Lexington, the single car thing became a little more difficult. We weren't sure where we would be working so we looked for a place downtown so if necessary, we have quick and easy access to public transit. I ended up keeping my job and working remotely from home which made thing pretty easy for the first few months, but when the shop opened my need for transportation resurface. For the first year of the shop's existence I walked back and forth to the shop and many days Philip would pick me up in the evenings (which used as much gas as if I was driving.)

I recently started riding my bike again (after finally replacing my tires) and it has been an incredable experience. I love riding my bike to the shop; I get there faster and I feel more energetic throughout the day since I got my heart rate up early in the morning. I try to go on a bike ride every morning, even if I don't have any errands to run, it just makes my day feel more pleasant. No Impact Man was on Good Morning America today talking about the advantages of bike riding so for today's green living tip I am going to refer you to his post all about biking for transportation.

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vania said...

Good work, Robyn! I bike to work (to one of my offices, 2 days a week) as well as around the city on the weekends, and i love it. I too feel the benefits to my body and overall energy. I gave up my car in January and just signed up for Autoshare (like Zip car in the States, but better) and love it - for groceries, other errands, etc.). Public transit fills in the blanks too and i rarely miss owning a car...and love how conscious i am to Mother Earth!