New music

I have been going through a bit of a new music lull lately so to help fix this Philip got me some new albums. I have the new Cat Power which is okay, the new Holly Golightly which is incredible, and Franciose Hardy's first album which I really like. I managed to get everything on my iPod within a reasonable amount of time so I can listen to the albums at the store (about 80% of my music listening time happens in the store.) Philip also got Gruff Rhys' Candylion for himself which I also added to my current iPod rotation since I really liked a few of the songs on first listen. I am looking for something new, all of my new music is from people or bands that I already listen to and I would like to find something a little different so if you have any suggestions please send them my way.


Anonymous said...

you may already know these, and they aren't exactly new perse, but the jessica fletchers' "less sophistication" and la buena vida's "album" come to mind as something you might like.

Pirata said...


I saw Holly Golightly at The Dame not too long ago. The sound guys really didn't do her right. From what you've listed, you might like Nouvelle Vague.