This week in hats

I love knitting hats and even though it is not really the season for it, all I am knitting right now are hats. After finishing the Albalone and wearing it everywhere I decided to try another Woolly Wormhead design. This time I went with Ziggy, free from Knit on the Net. Ziggy is a slouchy, tam style hat, one of those hats that you would never see me without about eight years ago. I like Ziggy because the lace work keeps it interesting and the shaping is totally different than Abalone.

Since Ziggy takes a little concentration, I decided that I needed to start another hat which I could easily knit on a plane. The guimauve hat from Going Straight was the perfect pattern for the trip. I memorized the pattern by the end of the first repeat and since the repeats are separated by a purl row it is easy to see where you are at any point. I love the shaping on this hat; it makes me think of gnomes even though it isn’t anything like a gnome hat. I am not totally happy with my yarn choice for this project, but I think when I am done I will overdye the entire thing in red to get a colorway more suitable for my complexion. If this hat looks good on me I have a plan for a second version, but I will wait to reveal that one until I talk to the dyer I want to use.

On Wednesday I went to a birthday movie night for my friend Christy. The plan was to watch two birthday themed horror movies and I knew that the Guimauve hat would probably be finished during the first film leaving my hands with nothing to do during the second. Since I didn’t want to deal with a chart while watching the movie, I decided to cast on for a smaller hat that should get me through both films. I started a child sized version of the guimauve hat using worsted weight yarn and US6 needles. I followed the flow of the original hat, but I changed the cast on to 44 stitches and I am going to add a tassel to the top.

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