Back home

After 12 great days in Norfolk, I am finally back home. It was a fun trip filled with friends, karaoke, new vegan foods, and of course work, but I am definately happy to be back at home snuggling with my Philip.

Philip and I are house and dog sitting for his parents again so even though we are both working through the weekend, we are treating it like another mini-vacation. His mom bought and prepared more food than we can possibly eat so we won't have to cook and the weather is beautiful so we can eat outside and enjoy their lush yard. Philip has started referring to his parents' house as our vacation home since when we house sit we don't have to cook, we get to watch movies and cable, we can play video games with the surround sound and we always have a stock of wine, beer to aid in our lounging activities. It is going to be a great weekend!!

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Knitting Magic Girl said...

Glad you had a good time! Sorry I didn't get to see you before running off!