The fourth

For the first time since we moved to Lexington, Philip took off for the Fourth of July (or Independence Day as he reminded me all day) which meant that we got to go out on the night of the third for some pre-freedom grilling and fun. Our friend Raellyn hosted a cookout with tons and tons of fabulous food (much of which was vegan.) There were also sno-cones and cotton candy thanks to the Brownrobiebonjovi clan. We didn't really do fireworks, but there were some sparklers which Philip and I decided would be a fun thing to stick in my hair and it was, though a little scary from my end (luckily all of the children had left the cookout at this point so they couldn't witness our bad example.)

The next day, Philip and I had an impromptu cookout after the parade. Raellyn brought a bunch of the leftovers and we made potato salad, cole slaw, blackberry crumble, and Smart Dogs (we were going to make sausages for grilling, but the Smart Dogs were on sale.) Considering we only gave a day's notice we had a decent sized showing and the weather cooperated with all of our plans. After the cookout we watched a documentary on Bukowski and saw a few fireworks from the back porch. It was a nice and relaxing fourth.

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