Nothing like a sweater in the summertime

It's been quite a while since I knitted a sweater (not counting the front and back of the sweater I knitted last winter before I decided I didn't like the yarn) so I started a top-down raglan about a week and a half ago. I knew that it would knit up faster than a normal sweater since there is barely any purling, but I had no idea how fast. This is how far I got in 9 days. At this point I only have to finish the second sleeve, block and weave in the ends. I like to imagine myself wearing this sweater on a snowy Sunday while drinking hot cocoa and sitting in front of the fireplace of a New England cabin. Gotta work on that.


Samara said...

Or visiting friends in Alaska?

Janis said...

Gave up on the llama yarn one then? What is the yarn for this one? It looks like a comfy sweater. :)