Some babble and the big news

We are slowly getting settled in, but there are still boxes, lots of boxes. We are unpacking at a slow and steady pace and I am hoping by the weekend that we will have 2-3 rooms that are completely box-free.

I have been taking the bus to the store since I have no desire to bike down Harrodsburg Rd. I am slowly getting the hang of the bus service, but I find myself getting to the stop way too early. The drivers on my route are extremely prompt so everyone arrives at the stop 2-3 minutes before the bus. I, on the other hand, show up 15-20 minutes early and end up standing around. My actual bus ride is pretty short, I hop on the bus at 50 after the hour and I am in the store by about 58 past the hour. It almost feels lame to take the bus for such a short distance, but it is a solid 2 miles so the bus does save time. I think that I am going to take an earlier bus on Saturdays so I can stop by the downtown farmers' market. There is a Sunday farmers' market over by us, but it is in the parking lot of the Southland Drive shops and it just looks hot and unwelcoming. If I skip a Saturday market I might check out a Sunday one.

Now it's time for my big news. Yesterday, I turned in my letter of resignation at my day job. This was a really difficult decision since I am very emotional and financially attached to my place of employment. I have been juggling the job and the store for almost two years and it has forced me to make several sacrifices which where not always easy. Without that secure, steady flow of income things are going to be a little scary, but I have savings and I have a few odd jobs (including substitute teaching) lined up. The best part of this decision is that I will once again have days off. Currently I have one day off every two weeks and that is often filled with errands or family stuff. My new schedule will allow for 1-3 days off a week (depending on if I am taking any odd jobs that week.) I will have time (and energy) to do the housework, cooking, and other household things that I have really been neglecting. I am also planning on doing more pattern design work and possibly learning to play the piano again. I will be working at the store 3-4 days a week and during that time I will be about to work on more projects, host a couple of knit-alongs, and teach more private lessons. My future seems so bright and open right now.


Pirata said...

Congratulations! I'm so envious. That's a choice I think about but you were brave enough to do it which is why I think so many good things come your way. I think I'm going to have to get off my butt and start making some choices too.

mishka said...


Tasha said...

Congratulations! Remember: "Leap and the net will appear."

Unknown said...

Woot Woot Wooot!!
It's amazing what some breathing room will do for you.

Pizza Gurl 4ever said...

yeah for you Robyn!!! This is suzette
who bought the 50 million balls of black cascade 220. Thanks for being a
great teacher and person. Love the store!!!