Too tired to think

I finished knitting the Hemlock ring on Sunday which was way ahead of schedule so I am adding another project to my Olympic knitting. In addition to blocking the Hemlock ring (I have to find my blocking pins first) I am going to knit the Hey, Teach! cardigan from the current issue of Knitty. I have less than a week to finish, but with two more discs of Degrassi on their way it shouldn't be a problem. I plan to put up a post about blocking and pictures of the hemlock ring being blocked on Saturday or Sunday so stay tuned.

I am so excited that Sarah is coming back this weekend; I really need a break from the store. We have been extra busy lately (which I made worse by deciding to have a sale last Saturday) and it is all a bit much to handle while still working my day job (which has also been extra busy thanks to my brilliant plan to quit.) I have been working 10-13 hour days every day for the last two weeks and I am exhausted. I am taking off half of Saturday and all of Sunday to hopefully catch my breath and maybe get some more unpacking done.

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