Divinity comes in a spray can

So did you know that Our Lady of Guadalupe is available in an aerosol can? Neither did I until today at the Mexican grocery when I stumbled upon a divine can of her. I daydreamed the entire way home about spraying a little into the air to make her appear and provide guidance. I am a little sad that I didn't buy a can, but I am sure that if I did it would have disappointed and probably made my house smell funky. If you want to see the can, it is here.


James Estevez said...

Combine that and a St. Lazarus devotional candle and you'll have a nifty holy flamethrower, for those pesky zombies/vampires.

Knitting Magic Girl said...

I totally wish I had some now. I could spray my coteacher and maybe she'd have the demons exorcised :oP

Samara said...

Just think of all the things you could bless just by spraying!

Blessings that cover the pesky fart smell, now that is something.