Back to reality

Today marks the official end of our vacation, Philip and I both returned to work today. It is a little sad since it also means that Robert and Bambu are heading back to Oregon this afternoon, but it is also a bit of a relief since we will finally get a chance to get some much needed rest. Yesterday was Philip's birthday which we started celebrating on Wednesday and ended when Philip started feeling ill yesterday afternoon. We ended up spending the rest of the evening watching movies with Robert, Bambu, and Shaun so it was really kinda fun. Tonight the big plan is to make a Greek feast and hang out at the house watching Friday the 13th movies. Philip wants to avoid people this weekend so we plan to stay in and enjoy each others company. The house is clean so nothing should distract us from relaxing.

My big plan for this weekend is to get some of the consignment I planned for the holidays finished so that I can focus my energies on my Christmas presents. Originally, I planned to have my etsy shop back up and running by this time, but it's not so I am just going to put a few things on etsy and everything else will go to ReBelle for the holidays. Last week I added some monster dpn holders to the shop and I have some cute rings made from vintage buttons that should be in the shop by early next week. I will post pictures of some of the stuff near the end of the weekend.

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