Nothing exciting, just an update

The past week has been a bit of a whirlwind. First, Philip and I spent three days getting all of the stuff done around the house that we had been putting off since we moved in. We decided that November 4th, the day that his brother Robert and sister-in-law Bambu flew in, would be our goal date for getting all of this done and of course we waited until the last minute. Procrastination or not, the apartment looks really good now and we were done by the time they flew in on Tuesday. We hadn't seen Robert and Bambu since their wedding a year and a half ago so we have been looking forward to this visit for a couple of months now.

The past few days were filled will family activities, hanging out, playing Rock Band and lots of drinking which was really fun. Yesterday Robert and Bambu left to visit some friends in Ohio for a couple of days so last night was Philip and my's first night alone. We were planning to go to the Dressy Bessy show at Al's bar, but when I got home from work Philip was really wanting to stay in for the night. Since I was a little tired from work and all the socializing this week I eventually caved, but on the condition that we go out and get something for dinner so I didn't have to do the dishes. He agreed and we went to Ali Baba, the Mediterranean grocer on Southland Dr, and picked up a ton of premade food for dinner. We got hummus, a pound of olives, pita, dolmas, falafel, and a kinder surprise egg all for under $15. We also found several other items that we would like to try at a later date and we discovered that they sell vegan jello. When we got home we put everything in fancy dishes and created a beautiful spread to eat from. It was amazing and we have tons of leftovers to snack on this week. After dinner we curled up on the sofa and watched Friday the 13th, part 4 (we have a tradition of watching a series of horror movies every year around Halloween and this year's theme is Friday the 13th) while we picked out all of the inconsistencies in the series. After the movie we curled into bed with lots of blankets and fell asleep before 10:30pm, it was really a perfect night.

This coming week is going to be more craziness with a possible day trip to Louisville, two birthday celebrations, a game night with some friends, and more family time so I am really glad that we took last night off. Plus, Philip had to work today (the only day he couldn't get as vacation) so if we went to the show he would have been dead tired and probably hung over this morning. I am off to do some shop projects before I go in at noon. If anyone wants to come in and knit with me this afternoon I would love the company; yesterday was insanely busy so I expect today to be a little slow.

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