Good Riddance to 2008

While a few great things came out of 2008, like a new apartment I love and the opportunity to quit my job, overall the year was pretty crappy for me. Philip called the year two-thousand and hate because that is what the universe seemed to do. There are only four and a half hours left of this horrible year and we are going to spend that time partying the year out with some close friends. Tomorrow is the start of 2009, the best year ever (or at least that is what our new calendar says and I am inclined to believe it.) Here's hoping that you and yours have a very happy new year!!

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Samara said...

This year is going to be way better. We get a new president and everything :)

The good things about 2008 include: the American people finally voting some one smart in to the White House, opening of a Melting Pot in Lexington, wine and chocolate.

May good things come your way this new year.