Happy New Years!!

Well it's time again for the annual New Year's resolutions post. After looking at my resolutions from last year to see how I did I feel pretty motivated to do as well this year. I achieved all of my goals from last year (well, number 6 is a little sketchy, but I was definitely more social than the previous year so I am going to count it.)

1. Consume Less- I bet this one is a big surprise after looking at my 2006, 2007, and 2008 resolutions, but I think that this is an important one for me. This year I am going to focus on yarn and craft supplies. My biggest problem, like most crafters, is stashing materials for later. I pledge this year to only buy what I need when I need it and to actually get use out of it. I love the experience of buying yarn and I have no intention of giving that up. What I do intend to do is to only buy yarn when I am ready to start a project. I hate the idea that a beautiful yarn is oohed and aahhed over when it is being bought and taken home and then it goes to live in a closet or a storage bin until the purchaser is ready to either purge it or in a best case scenario, knit with it. Let's face it, knitting with stash yarn is nowhere near as fun as knitting with new yarn so here are a few ideas that I am going to implement to avoid the stash. First, I am only going to buy yarn when I am ready to use it. No more buying sweater quantities of yarn for sweaters that I might not make until the year 2015. Second, I am going to keep a list of top projects that use a variety of yarn weights in my wallet with the specifics on the gauge and yarn amounts so if I am visiting an LYS away from home and I find a yarn that I want to use for something I will have project ideas and details with me so that I am sure to get the right amount. Finally, I am going to look for ways to combine my stash yarns with new yarns in projects to make them new and exciting.

2. Keep up with cleaning and household chores- Moving into a smaller place has made it easier to keep the house fairly clean, but I would really like to continue and improve on this into the new year.

3. Keep up with my etsy store- I have a bunch of new stuff to put up on etsy, but I really need to rework my shop and take pictures of everything. That is my big goal for January. I really want to go to Yarn School again in the fall and I am planning on using my etsy money to go which means my shop needs to be up and running asap. My goal is to post 5-10 new items a week.

4. Mission kitchen organization- This is a two-part goal. The first part is organizing my spices which I started doing a few months ago. I am transferring all of my spices into uniform spice jars and creating custom labels for all of them. Since I only buy the jars 1-2 at a time it is probably going to take me all year to accomplish this. The second part of my kitchen goal is to create a recipe box to organize and hold all of my loose recipes. Right now I have a binder and it is a mess. I would prefer something smaller that can sit on the shelf over the stove and cards that can clip onto the cabinet over the kitchen counter.

5. Eat better- This is the resolution that Philip set for both of us for the new year. Over the past year we started eating certain foods that we really shouldn't have. Even worse, as my schedule got busier we started eating more and more fast foods. The problem with bad foods is that they creep in one by one until you notice that they have taken over your life. We are putting a stop to it and going completely cold turkey for the new year.

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