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The last week has been a bit of a whirlwind, but things are finally slowing down again. Last Monday was my birthday so to celebrate we went to the karaoke bar with a few friends. It was fun, but very strange and a little creepy. I will say this, that bar certainly has some interesting regulars.

The next day Philip and I were both off work so that was the day we actually celebrated my birthday. We went out for coffee at Third Street where we got to see (well, mostly hear) Obama's inauguration address. I know all of the experts are saying that his speech wasn't memorable, but we both felt that it was incredibly inspirational. Our only hope was that people really hear his message about banding together and working hard to get though these rough times. I liked his example of workers taking pay cuts and fewer hours in order to assure that others won't have to be laid off. Philip's work place has implemented this practice which I found very impressive, unfortunately he says that many of his co-workers are complaining about not getting overtime anymore. It really makes me wonder if our society is capable of working together for a greater good that requires personal sacrifice.

Anyway, after coffee we headed out to do my birthday shopping. I decided to spend most of my birthday money and gift cards on stuff for the kitchen. I have been cooking more and more lately and there are a few items that I don't have that will make my life easier. When it comes to kitchen accessories, I am a bit of a minimalist. I don't like a lot of gadgets sitting around that I won't use. I made a list of what I wanted to get and I was successful in coming home with sweatshop-free versions of all but one item which I will just have to find at Goodwill instead. I also bought a few clothing items (as did Philip) and then we finished the day out at PF Changs which was pretty empty due to the snow. We tried to go see Quantum of Solice, but we missed the show and decided to go home instead of waiting around for the next showtime. We grabbed a couple of movies on the way home, the Happening and Eastern Promises. The Happening was okay, but I really liked Eastern Promises (even though I did a lot of yelling at the main character.) After the movies we watched as much of the inauguration balls as we could before we finally went to sleep.

I had lunch with my mom on Wednesday and then the rest of the week was a bit of a blur of work and classes. The shop has been fairly busy and Sarah and I are getting everything ready for our annual Superbowl sale this Saturday and Sunday. This year's sale will be the biggest one yet so we are really excited. I have also been spinning a bit at the shop. I got my Sit and Spin dvd in the mail right before my birthday and I have been practicing various techniques. I mastered the thick and thin, but I seem to be struggling with the coils. I have lots of practice fiber so I will just keep going until I get it.

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