Nothing to see here

Sorry about the lack of updates, the past week has been a little crazy. Philip and I both got the flu early last week, me a little worse than him, so I spent most of last week in bed. Then, we both got better for the weekend so we figured everything was good and we made plans for yesterday which was our first non-sick day off. Long story short, Philip acquired some kind of evil stomach virus yesterday and so he is home sick again while I am trying to take care of him without contracting his disease. Anyway, tomorrow I will post pictures of the finished Smokin' sweater and my progress on my wrap cardi and early next week I will have a new recipe to post.


Unknown said...

I hope everyone is feeling better!! I know how miserable it can be. Sending chicken soup thoughts to you both!!

Robyn Wade said...

I managed not to catch the virus of evil and Philip is recovered so all is good.