Blood Money

How about a little spinning? On Saturday I decided to spin up the Saint & Sinners blood money batt I bought at Wholly Craft last summer. I have to admit that spinning those pieces of paper into the yarn was such a pain that I only spun them into one of the plies. I also decided to felt the yarn a bit when setting it to assure that those little strips don't come flying out of the yarn.

Name: Blood Money
Weight: 1.6oz
Yardage: 70yds, 2-ply
Fiber Content: Colonial and handdyed humane wool from a shelter, shredded US currency, and a bit of sparkle (unlabeled but probably Angelina)


robiewankenobie said...

that is a wicked yarn, sweets.

barbe said...

yes, that currency IS a major pain to spin, but oh the results!!! I sold so many money yarns, people love them!
And I think your yarn is fantastic!