How about a salad?

Salads are one of my favorite things about the summertime so the other day when we got a big bag of locally grown, organic salad greens I knew it was time to start the summer salad experiments (technically, this is local salad number two of the summer, but I forgot to document the first one which was a tofu-bacon Caesar so I will attempt it again later in the summer.)

This salad starts with a mesclun mix (ours included arugula, frisée, beet greens and a few other things I couldn't identify) and then I added tomatoes, radishes, green onions, baked tofu, sliced almonds, croutons, sumac, and what was left of the Caesar salad dressing from last week. Yummy!!

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vania said...

This salad looks so good - i love salads in the summer and your baked tofu is such a yummy touch!