Feeling a little crabby

Before I went vegan, or even vegetarian, I was a huge fan of crab cakes. I ate them every chance I got (which in Kentucky really isn't often.) I remember the pain of encountering my first crab cake after going vegetarian and realizing that I would never have one of those tasty little cakes again. Since then I have learned more about crabs and the idea of eating one (or any bottom dwelling sea animal) completely disgusts me, especially after living on the Chesapeake Bay and experiencing the pollution first-hand. Of course, that doesn't stop my search for the perfect vegan alternative. For the last few years I have been using a crab cake recipe created by a former co-worker's wife, but the recipe required Worthington scallops and a deep fryer which made it a little inconvenient. Last night I decided to try a version that is pan-fried and uses a more common ingredient list.

This recipe is the Chesapeake Tempeh Cakes from the PPK blog. It is a preview for Isa's new Vegan Brunch book and I decided to try it out tonight with the Citrusy Roasted Asparagus that Jae posted at Domestic Affair today. Both dishes came out amazing, well above par, and paired with iced tea made a perfect meal for a cool summer night.

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robiewankenobie said...

i'm excited to hear that they turned out so well. i crave crabcakes like mad!