This weekend was pretty low-key. Friday night we just sat out on the porch drinking wine and enjoying the beautiful weather with a few friends. Saturday our neighbors had a yard sale where I scored a kitchen scale and a griddle, two things that I really wanted. I put the griddle to use immediately by whipping up a batch of barbequed seitan ribz from the Fat Free Vegan blog. You might remember we made these last summer on the grill, but we had a little trouble with the high heat of the grill and the ribz sticking. We cooked the second batch on the stovetop and those came out perfectly carmelized and there was no sticking, but they didn't have the nice grill marks that make them feel like ribs. Saturday, we made our first batch of ribz on the griddle and they were nothing short of awesome (so great we made batch #2 on Sunday.) We also threw some leftover corn on the grill, made a side of bbq mashed potatoes and served it all with two large glasses of iced tea. How's that for the perfect summer meal?

In craftier news, Philip and I did a collaborate embroidery project as a birthday gift. He did the illustration and I embroidered it on the lower right corner of an American Apparel t-shirt. We were really happy with the final result and I learned a lot about using transfer paper on knitted fabric (always transfer from a thin paper stock and always put something hard under the top layer of fabric.) Anyway, here is how the final version came out.


affectioknit said...

The embroidery looks lovely - we make those Ribz all the time - we love them too!

vania said...

Oh the ribs look so good!

Alison said...

Love that embroidery!! So cute!