A Sewing Sunday

Since Sarah's class schedule is a bit hectic this month, I have been working extra hours during the week and she has been taking every Sunday. Philip was working this Sunday so I was left to my own devices. I pulled out the sewing machine, for the first time since we moved last summer, on Friday to help Philip with a creature-making project. After we finished the sewing for his project, I left the machine out so on Sunday it was sitting there, calling to me. I decided to turn the curtains Ed gave Sarah and I last summer into the skirt that they were destined to be.

I went with a basic a-line skirt with a flat front and a bit of elastic in the back to avoid the need of a zipper. I like a-lines because they are super simple (no pattern and little planning needed) and they look good on almost every body type. I am really happy with the way it came out and after looking through my fabric stash, there might be a few more recycled skirts in my immediate future. Sorry about the wrinkles, I have been sitting all morning and I couldn't wait for them to fall out to take the picture.

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