My new 40 before 40

I have been thinking about my life goals lately now that my life is taking a very different path. A couple of years ago I made a 40 before 40 list that included my goals, both large and small, that I want to achieve before turning 40. I don't feel that the entire list represents my goals so I here is the amended list in no particular order including the things that I have achieved (the original list can be found in three parts here, here, and here.) Not a lot of change, but enough to justify republishing. Green entries are new, crossed out entries are things I have done, and red entries are the things that I am actively pursuing right now.

1. Pay off the shop loan
2. Work for myself
3. Finish school (I started working 2 classes shy of finishing my degree and I still haven't gotten around to finishing it off. Just because I won't use it doesn't mean I shouldn't get it.)
4. Buy a house
5. Take a proper Pacific Northwest vacation including Seattle, Portland, Crater Lake, and the redwoods
6. Go to Hawaii
7. Attend SXSW
8. Get one of my patterns published in a knitting book
9. Learn to spin on a wheel and create art yarns
10. Get a pattern published in Knitty and Interweave
11. Visit Vermont in the Fall
12. Visit 5 of the 10 states I have left to see (two of which are worked into this list)
13. Publish my Southern Vegan's Guide to Domesticity (even if just through a vanity press)
14. Start and maintain a vermicompost pile
15. Get a book deal for a ReBelle knitting book
16. Design and plant a successful garden
17. Learn to like brussel sprouts (they are so healthy, but I can't stand to eat them)
18. Become a master knitter
19. Learn to keep my house clean
20. Run a significant distance
21. Start a travel savings account and contribute $200/month
22. Learn about stocks, bonds, cds and other alternative savings plans
23. Set up a solid retirement plan above and beyond the 401K
24. Learn to cook elaborate things that don't cost more than a dinner out (It seems like anytime I try to fix a really fancy meal at home I spend $40 on groceries just for the meal)
25. Start or join a dinner club
26. Learn to play Mahjong
27. Learn poi spinning
28. Knit an afghan
29. Create a family tradition
30. Dance in Thriller
31. See the Death Race 2000 car
32. Bowl a turkey (3 strikes in a row)
33. Meet John Waters
34. Knit a wedding ring shawl (a 6ft lace shawl so fine it can be passed through a ring)
35. Knit a sweater that I designed
36. Learn to turn wood (I specifically want to make Nostepinnes)
37. Learn to make lampwork beads (if you offered to let me use your torch, please email me)
38. Watch 1000 movies (specifically these)
39. Reduce my coffee and takeout waste to zero
40. Take at least 4 Americana vacations (including Cave City)


Samara said...

I feel like I should have a list like this, but I don't. I hope you accomplish everything you want to do.

Anonymous said...

I am full of admiration for you.

Are you doing TKGA's master knitting program ? (I don't know of any other)

Thank you for inspiring me to start a list again.... Nell

Robyn Wade said...

Yes, it's the TKGA master knitter program. I actually started back in Norfolk, but my samples really weren't up to par back then. I am having a lot of trouble with the ribbed square, I have probably done it 20 times now and I still don't feel it is up to their standards. I think one of my New Year's resolutions will be to finish a square a month so that I can move on to the second level before the end of the year. The program really is a test of patience.