2011 New Year post

Even though I am not so much a blogger anymore, I still want to do my annual New Year post. First, I will start with last year's goals...

For 2010, I don't really have resolutions, just a list of things that I would like to do so here goes.
  1. Start accordion lessons. I had one accordion lesson and kept up with the practice for about 6 weeks. Now I just look at the thing thinking about how I really need to start practicing again.
  2. Take the LSAT. I don't want to be a lawyer. I think the appeal of a research-heavy discipline blinded me to the fact that Robyn as a lawyer would be a bad, bad thing.
  3. Get my etsy shop up and running again. Well it's up, but not really running- there's only one item listed. It's just so easy to put my stuff in my physical shop, etsy seems like such a pain. Maybe I can get this together in the next month or so.
  4. Completely revamp all of ReBelle's digital communications Yes, I did this. In 2010 we introduced our new newsletter with pictures and hyperlinks and everything. I also reworked how we do our class calendars which has been very well received.
  5. Remodel the backroom of the shop and put additional shelving in the front. Yes!! Best part- Sarah and I did this all on our own.
  6. Join a book group (I am thinking the monthly NPR group @LPL) I read the first two books for the NPR book group, but missed the actual group meetings because of schedule conflicts. After that I just gave up.
  7. Take a vacation, preferably two weeks in the Pacific Northwest focusing on hanging out with friends in Portland, visiting Crater Lake, and camping in the redwoods. Vacation fail this year. 2010 was a really weird year in regards to scheduling and the shop so I didn't get a proper vacation. This year we will close the shop for a week in the summer.
  8. Take a short NYC/DC trip. Nope.
  9. Continue playing in the MMMB. I stayed in the band through the summer and now I perform with them off and on. I really loved MMMB and it provided a form of therapy when I really needed it, but now the practices don't fit into my schedule and I have other projects that I am putting my energy into. I guess the great thing about the band is that it is always there when I feel the want or need to bang on something for awhile. I will remain an active supporter and an occasional tambourinist (or cameraman or killer shark) whenever I can.
  10. Build two pieces of mid century-inspired furniture of my own design. I didn't build any furniture, but I do have several sketches of what I want to build done.
  11. Format and publish existing patterns on Ravelry. Nope.
  12. Write 5 new patterns for publication. I think I wrote four patterns in 2010 so we'll call this a success.
  13. Start shooting again I go back and forth with this one. I have been shooting more than in years past, but still not as much as I'd like.
This is the problem with setting so many goals in the middle of a major life transition, so many things change. While I didn't achieve many of these things, I don't consider this year a failure at all. 2010 was a great year for me, I laughed, I danced, and I lived more than I have in a long, long time. I saw over 100 live bands, made some truly amazing friends and learned a lot about who I am and what I want. Maybe I won't be going back to school, but I have refound my love for the business built from a silly dream. I am really happy with where I have fallen and for the first time in quite awhile I feel like I have direction and motivation for following a path I never considered a real possibility before. I think 2011 will serve as a continuation of this journey and who knows, maybe next year I will look at this post and have an entirely different outlook. That's okay, life is change and I am ready for it.

Time for my 2011 goals...
1. Organize a free public showing of Handmade Nation followed by a panel discussion.
2. Organize mend.- Quarterly events focused on fixing things that are broken instead of throwing them out.
3. Volunteer more (also more cross promotion of local organizations.)
4. Obligatory goals- read 50 books, see 50 bands, watch 50 of the 1001 movies
5. Do one thing every day to make my world a better place.
6. Let people know when they do something I find wonderful and/or inspiring.

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