Day 13: Crochet

For the past few years I have been in the process of phasing out several of my personal care products in favor of things that are more environmentally-friendly and local. One of the more difficult changes for me is eliminating the products that are diluted with water in favor of denser, drier products. I did the no poo thing for awhile with baking soda and it was okay, but I really craved the lather of a shampoo and I missed the lovely way my hair smells after a wash. I decided that a natural shampoo bar would be a good compromise since it still uses less packaging and has less water than traditional shampoos. Switching to a shampoo bar has been an off-and-on two year trial, apparently my hair is really picky about what I use to clean it. Recently I stumbled upon a winner, but it is not cheap stuff so I decided to make a little soap saver to keep it in. This is just a simple crocheted pouch with a drawstring that I made with some leftover Euroflax. The purpose of the pouch is to get more suds out of a single bar and to help it dry faster which will make it last longer.

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