Day 14: Corespinning

At last year's Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Fest I bought a braid of beautiful combed top from River's Edge Fiber Arts. The braid has been in my stash for the last year, taunting me, so today seemed a good time to do something with it. The top is 70%BFL, 30%Seacell and 4oz. Usually I buy a minimum of 8oz, but upon looking at the braid and the price tag I think the price might have restricted me to just one. After looking at the braid and trying to decide what it should be, I decided I wanted it to be a light and fluffy corespun art yarn.

The core is that same rug yarn from the vine project. I ran it through the wheel to incorporate a strong Z twist (so that my final yarn is nice and balanced.) Then I controlled it with my left hand as I wrapped the top fiber around. Sound easy? Well, not quite. The top was slightly felted from the dying process which led to constant drafting struggles (remember my left hand was controlling the core so my drafting movements were limited.) After a lot of swearing and several breaks, I came up with a system that worked. Despite the struggles, I achieved exactly the the yarn I envisioned.

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