Day 29: Journal

June is almost done and with July fast approaching, I decided now is a good time to set a new month long goal. I have been reading a lot about modern information overload (which of course only adds to my personal overload) and have decided that for the month of July I am going on a media diet. Basically I want to cut out all of the unnecessary time I spend staring at screens so the plan is to spend none of my non-work time on a computer and even though I need to use the computer for work, I am only allowing myself 15 minutes of facebook per day and 15 minutes of personal email.

Instead of wasting my free time online, I plan to fill it with reading (only fiction), exploring, talking with friends, and creative activities. I also want to keep a journal of my month so for today's creative act I gutted an old book and added blank pages to make a new journal. The tag pictured is one of several I found in my dad's shop when searching for the right sized drill bit. I am pretty sure it's one of those tags you punch through an animals ear, but since there is no chance of that happening I grabbed one to make into a bookmark.

Next week I am on stay-cation and one of the first tasks I have planned for my time off is to build and paint an Adirondack chair so I can sit outside, not on the grass, and enjoy my morning coffee. This used to be my morning ritual and it was a lovely way to start the day so I am bringing it back.

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