A few months ago I pulled out several of my toy cameras and started shooting film again. Unfortunately, this came with the realization that film processing ain't what it used to be. Getting my film processed the way I want, when I want is a thing of the past, now my non-traditional processing requires mailing my film to a far away lab and hoping for the best. At first I was frustrated by this, but over the course of the last few weeks I have been experimenting with different methods of shooting and transferring images. While I still like to keep the digital side to a minimum, I am using more and more digital transfer and acquisition methods. Whike I am waiting for my film to be processed and scanned, here is a digital image taken with a frankenstein version of my camera.

Morning Sunflower- Nikon dslr with a holga lens and a blue soft surround filter.


jon said...

Good effect, it looks like a frame from a 70's horror film where the sunflower is about to eat someone.

Matt Hempsell said...

Like the Sunflower, I have been trying to grow one like that for years, but they always die after a few feet. do you have any secrets.

Robyn Wade said...

I didn't grow this sunflower, it was growing in an abandoned lot that I walked by.