Annual New Year Post

Well it's the start of a new year which means it is time for me to set the New Year's resolutions that I might or might not keep. Either way, I think it is good to stay with tradition and at least set some goals so I don't wander through 2012 completely aimless.

Let's start with last year's resolutions...

1. Organize a free public showing of Handmade Nation followed by a panel discussion.
OMG, I actually did this. Not sure how effective it was in encouraging creativity in Lexington, but it did help keep me on track for the early part of the year.
2. Organize mend.- Quarterly events focused on fixing things that are broken instead of throwing them out.
I had one mend event with a very slight showing, got frustrated and that was the end of that.

3. Volunteer more (also more cross promotion of local organizations.)
I volunteered about 85 hours this year which might be my worst year ever in terms of time spent helping others. I did a little cross promotion with the shop and events, but for the most part this goal got lost in the shuffle.
4. Obligatory goals- read 50 books, see 50 bands, watch 50 of the 1001 movies
Yikes, I totally missed the mark on this one. I saw over 100 bands this year, but only read about 30 books and while I didn't keep track of the movies I watched this year, I am willing to bet I didn't see more than 10 of the 1001. I did join a book group which was a 2010 goal so strap that on and average everything out.
5. Do one thing every day to make my world a better place.
What kind of abstract bullshit is this? I don't have any idea if I met the mark on this sucker. I had a great year so I will just assume I did this.

6. Let people know when they do something I find wonderful and/or inspiring.
I totally did this. At the beginning of the year my compliments were often returned with a questioning doubt and by the end of the year people seemed more accepting of my feedback which makes me feel like I succeeded in this goal.

Now for 2012
1. Obligatory goals- read 50 books, see 50 bands, watch 50 of the 1001 movies
2. Start blogging again, if only once a week.
3. Do a 365, well 366, photo project working on style and digital manipulation.
4. Set up a series of specialty fiber classes and workshops as part of the shop move this summer.
5. Learn to wheelthrowing (for Christmas and my birthday I asked for gift certificates to Kentucky Mudworks and I am planning to take their awesome beginning class starting in February.)

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