It's that time again, time for the New Year's post

2012 was a great year for me and I am definitely sad to see it go. That being said, there are a few things, at least in the first quarter, happening in 2013 that have me pretty excited about the oncoming year so it's easy to be optimistic.

Let's start with last year's resolutions and see how I did...

1. Obligatory goals- read 50 books, see 50 bands, watch 50 of the 1001 movies
I read more than 50 books and saw more than 50 bands, but I only saw a few of the 50 movies I planned so this one was mostly successful.
2. Start blogging again, if only once a week.
At the beginning of the year I was doing this, but once we started renovation the new shop I lost most of my motivation to blog so no, I didn't do this.
3. Do a 365, well 366, photo project working on style and digital manipulation.
I shot a lot this year, much more than in years past, but I wasn't organized enough to create a 366 feed (though there were only a handful of days this year that I didn't shoot something.) 
4. Set up a series of specialty fiber classes and workshops as part of the shop move this summer.
Yes, I did this though it is an ongoing project. We are still getting used to the new space and how things will function there, but there are new classes on the horizon.
5. Learn to wheelthrowing (for Christmas and my birthday I asked for gift certificates to Kentucky Mudworks and I am planning to take their awesome beginning class starting in February.)
This was my favorite resolution. I took the beginning wheel class at Mudworks and I had so much fun that I will be taking it again this spring.

Now for 2013
1. Obligatory goals- read 50 books, see 50 bands
2. Finish the first level of the Master Knitter Program
3. Take two marketing courses (including the one I am already enrolled in)
4. Organize the physical spaces around me so that I can more easily organize my mental space
5. Spin more, at least 2 hours per week
6. Spend more time with friends, regular outings and phone calls

I got a fortune the other day that read "The smallest deed is better than the biggest intention." and that is going to be my motto for 2013. I tend to take on far more than I can handle and I want this to stop

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