30 Days of Creativity: Week 3, 4 and beyond

Here is the roundup of the rest of the days for the 30 Days of Creativity Challenge. I thought blogging once a week would be a breeze, but by the middle of the month I was completely overwhelmed by the challenge so blogging was put on the back burner. Also, towards the end I started taking pictures with my phone instead of a proper camera. Sorry about that, the appeal of directly uploading to fb and twitter was difficult to resist.

Day Fifteen: Holden shawl.
I finished knitting and most importantly blocked my Holden shawl. I used two colorways of Koigu at the bottom and added an extra repeat to use up most of the yarn.
Day Sixteen: dyed yarn with carrot tops.
The yarn in the middle is the carrot top dye on alum mordanted yarn, on the left is carrot tops with a copper modifier and on the right is carrot tops with an iron modifier. Needless to say we were pretty disappointed in the results, probably why no one talks about dyeing with carrot tops.
Day Seventeen: started crocheting a swarm of bees.
My friend Jessi and I are making a million bees for a yarn bombing later in the summer.
Day Eighteen: more crocheted bees, this time tiny ones.

Day Nineteen: woven bowl from some less than perfect handspun.

Day Twenty: yarn bombed a table.

Day Twenty-one: sewed a simple summer skirt from thrifted fabric.
I've had this fabric for years and wanted a new summer skirt so this was the perfect craftdown project.
Day twenty-two: wing prototype for the small bees.

Day twenty-three: started a crossstitch project for a friend.

Day twenty-four: completed and framed the crossstitch.

Day twenty-five: wrote 800+ words toward a future project. I was trying to stick to visual projects, but this one took a large chunk of my day so I decided it counted.

Day twenty-six: learned to weave on a pin loom.

Day twenty-seven: embellished a poster at the coffeeshop.

Day twenty-eight: started the crocheted cacti for the shop.

Day twenty-nine: carded a sparkly rainbow batt.

Day thirty: dyed with logwood.

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