30 Days of Creativity: Week 2

Here's week two of my 30 Days of Creativity activities. I have yet to follow any of the themes, but I am pretty okay with that.

Day Eight: knit acorns.
Knit acorns, pattern here.
Day Nine: fabric covered magnetic project board with complimentary magnets.
I think the biggest accomplishment of this project was that I actually mount it to the wall instead of leaving it on the floor for months.
Day Ten: top whorl spindle.
Another spindle, this time substantually smaller. The whorl is walnut and the shaft is cherry. Weighting 1.3oz, it came out a bit lighter than I had planned, but it spins super fast and smooth so I am happy. Perhaps I will try to make a heavier spindle next week.
Day Eleven: yarn bombed a local statue.
Another collaborative effort with my friend Jessi, we turned these kids into superheroes.
Day Twelve: carded some of my hand dyed fiber and spun a chunky yarn.
My plan for the day was cyanotypes, but due to multiple chemical failures I went with yarn. I have three skeins of this, now to come up with a project.
Day Thirteen: dyed some brown yarn black and some white yarn yellow for a future project.
Okay, this one is not terribly exciting, but it is for what I think will be the best of the  30 day projects.
Day Fourteen: painted bike bell (take 2.)
I hand painted the dots so they aren't perfect like I had originally planned, but once finished I was happy with the imperfection so I will call this a success. 

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