2017 in review

I don't even know what to say about 2017. It wasn't a bad year, but it also wasn't a great year. For me, 2017 had a lot of emotions- good and bad. The new political climate teamed with a chunk of personal drama made for a bumpy ride, I spent a good deal of the year bouncing around and feeling unsettled. My wish for 2018 is simply a calmer year.

Let's review my 2017 goals...
1. Stop apologizing for who I am and what I want. Yup and while my unwillingness to change or compromise cost me a few relationships, ultimately it left me feeling lighter.
2. Make more art. I definitely did this, even participated in one group show. Most importantly, I learned several new skills that allowed me to create in a less restrictive manor. 
3. Continue doing the things that make my body and mind stronger. Mind yes, body meh. I was working out 3-5 times a week all the way up until June and then life got crazy and that was the first thing to be tossed to the side. 
4. Get my Ravelry projects page up to date (again.) Nope, shocker.
5. Reduce pointless screen time (i.e. stop staring at my phone so much.) Again, nope. I think my screen dependency might be worse now than it was at the beginning of the year.

Now for my 2018 goals...
1. Stop making yearly goals. For 2018 I would like to try setting smaller monthly goals that focus on moving all aspects of my life forward. I already put monthly reminders in my planner to get this started. Next year, when I do my yearly resolution entry, I will check in and decide if this is a better method for me.

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