2018 Ornament Design

Every year I teach a simple intro to cross stitch class at ReBelle where we make a small cross stitch ornament to learn the basics of stitching. For the first couple of years I was using the same pattern with updated dates, but last year I decided to create a new simple design every year. The day after the class I post the new pattern as well as the previous patterns with updated dates here. Well the class was last night so here are the ornaments for 2018. I am also including the blank ornament template that I give to my students to design their own. All of these patterns are completely suitable for beginners so enjoy!!

A printable pdf of all three patterns and the template can be found here.

You will need:
6" square of 14ct Aida
2-3 colors of floss
3" embroidery hoop
#24 tapestry needle

The project takes 1-2 hours depending on your skill level. My favorite finishing technique for this type of ornament is to create a fabric back. You can check out my tutorial on that method here. Alternately, you can finish the ornaments by cutting the fabric really close to the hoop and attaching a piece of card stock to cover the back. Enjoy!!

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