Still no clapotis

My yarn trek Saturday didn't exactly go as planned. First, I went to AC Moore to buy the Paton's Katrina for my staff shrug and they didn't carry it, even though the Paton's site said they did. I shrugged it off (bad joke) and headed to my LYS for some bamboo only to discover that they have stopped selling it! I refused to be stopped by these two set backs so I bought an alternate yarn for the shrug. I am going to have to buy the bamboo online so I won't be able to start the clapotis for a couple of week, at this rate it will probably be winter by the time I finish. This weekend I am focusing my efforts on the shrug which I started on Saturday and the two flower power face cloths from Weekend Knitting. I will be flying for 15 hours so I should be able to complete something. I will post my progress on the staff shrug as soon as my camera is charged.

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Michelle said...

I got the paton's katrina from ebay since I didn't see it anywhere, either. It IS very elastic. Yours is coming out really nice -- I guess green is the color to make it in since that's what we both chose!