A productive non-crafting weekend

My first weekend of National Craft Month didn't go as planned. On Saturday, Sarah, Jessica and I went to the Salavation Army for some thrifty goodness. We didn't realize that all sweaters were going to be on sale for $.99. We came out with several bags of sweaters to frog for yarn and I actually found 2 sweaters to wear. Anyway the rest of the day was spent deconstructing sweaters and balling the yarn.

On Sunday I finally broke down and started cleaning the apartment. I did a ton of laundry, categorized our books (it is a sickness), hung a few paintings, and moved furniture in addition to sweeping and dusting. Philip and I made a trip over to his aunt's house to get a fabulous green hi-fi to add to our tiki room. All of this reorganizing actually left a bigger mess than when I started so Philip and I are going to work a couple hours a night to try to get everything in order by the weekend.

When we moved we left behind a large cedar chest and a free standing closet. We we out of truck space and those were the most logical things to leave behind because we knew people who wanted them and we figured it would be easy to find something new at a thrift store. We were wrong and because of that we don't have a place to store over half of the clothing we own. There are piles of clean clothes everywhere and because the laundry baskets are storing clean clothes there are dirty clothes covering our bedroom floor. It is a war zone. Yesterday I finally asked my dad if I could have some of my bedroom furniture that I left at his house when I moved out. I have a large cedar chest that he made me for my 16th birthday and a large oak dresser that I got when I was a kid. In a few weeks, after my sister clears all of the stuff out, we will have enough room for all of our clothing and we will be able to use the laundry baskets for dirty clothes once again. It will be a glorious day.

I almost forgot, this was my score of the day.


It is a storage box for thread and bobbins and it sure beats the plastic bag that I currently use. It came in a bag of weird cross stitch patterns. I kept the case and threw the other contents of the bag back into the donation bin outside of the thrift store.


Michelle said...

That's a great score (I've got the plastic bag thing going too), and it seemed like the things you did were crafty or at least on the path to craftiness! My heart jumped a bit when you said you threw out the cross stitch, but I'm assuming they must have been bad for you to throw them out. A lot of cross stitch is not so good, actually. Good luck with the clothes (I know exactly what that looks like!)

Robyn Wade said...

I don't do cross stitch, it's too structured for me, so it seemed best to put them back in the donation bin so they can go to someone who will actually use them.

vania said...

what a great find - sounds like your weekend was full of creativity, even if you weren't making crafts! i wish i had a place with sweaters on sale for a $1!