Things are looking up

I am starting to think that this money situation came at a really good time for us (if that is at all possible.) Since last Friday, we have really been evaluating all of our expenses and looking for places to make temporary cuts. We have been eating at home more and making new dishes which makes eating at home exciting. We did spend $140 on groceries, but that was for three weeks of meals and snacks. We are only allowing a couple of old meals onto the schedule in order to keep things fun. We filled the car up with gas which will last at least three weeks and we paid all of the bills so other than rent we shouldn't need any more money for awhile. Living is expensive, I didn't really realize until I tried to live on nothing, but we still have enough for rent and a small emergency fund. The bank sent me a new card, but there is still no sign of the paperwork I need to fill out to get my money back so the card is just a useless piece of plastic now.

This weekend is the Diversity Festival downtown which we are vending again. Philip and I made some stuff especially for the weekend so hopefully it will do well. I will take pictures and post after the weekend.


pirata segreto said...

Though I'm not vegan, I feel you on the lack of options simply as a vegetarian. It's hard to eat healthy and still eat with a conscience and I struggle to remember to bring something to work and end up eating fast food more than I like. Keep posting your ideas because I'm listening!

vania said...

I too have to budget better these days, and it's hard but i think it's a good challenge - both to eat more creative meals and to enjoy things in the city that are free/inexpensive, rather than going away a lot with rental cars. It can be stressful, but it's totally possible and i think we should be proud of taking care of ourselves this way.