A new place

Philip and I found a new apartment before we even started looking. We just signed the lease on a duplex between Harrodsburg Rd and the co-op. It is a little further away from downtown than we originally planned (about 2 miles from the shop,) but the price was right and the space is incredable. We have a few friends within walking distance and there is always the convenience of living up the street from the co-op so we are pretty excited. Our neighbors will be Chris from the snb and her fiance who also have a little puppy for Astrid to terrorize play with. We are going to start leasing on July 15th so that we can get in and do some pre-move cleaning and painting. This will be a fresh start for us so we are pretty excited about the endeavor.


Noneofyourbusiness. said...

Congrats, Robyn! I know a new place always excites me... maybe that's why I've moved so many times. ;) Glad to see you're doing well- I miss you guys!

Samara said...

Congrats. I love moving. Getting rid of crap and getting new crap. It's a lot of fun! Good luck with the move.