WIP Wednesday Thursday

Well, here's one of the two sweaters I promised you. This is my February sweater project that I am doing as part of a knitalong. The pattern is the top down wrap cardi from Knitting Pure and Simple with a few minor changes. The body and trim of the sweater is complete so all that is left are the sleeves and blocking it. The sweater knit up incredably fact considering that there are two front panels. The entire thing is scheduled to be complete by the end of next week, just in time for me to start my March sweater. My hope is to have both sweaters completed by the begining of April so I can wear them during our trip to Oregon.

My January sweater which was Jared Flood's Smokin' sweater has been unavailable for photographing due to regular wear by it's new owner. Hopefully I will be able to snap a few shots of it tonight so I can post it here and on my Ravelry project page.

In other knitting news I started working on my Malabrigo lace shawl again which is a sample for the shop. I started it sometime last Spring and became frustrated with the needles (Addi Lace, but that is a story for another time.) I put the project down after the Malabrigo mill fire since we sold out of the lace yarn and wouldn't be able to get more for at least 6 months. Long story short, we have had the lace yarn back in stock for a couple of months now so I decided it was time to finish the sample. I switched to a new set of needles and made it through one pattern repeat yesterday while watching Top Chef. I am now on the last pattern repeat so if I can stand to do one row a night it should be done early next month. That is all for now, I might have more updates tomorrow.


Cherry Lipsmacker AKA Angela said...

Are you coming to Portland?

VeganCraftastic said...

I love your wrap sweater, I have that pattern too but have yet to knit it.

Anonymous said...

aweosme, i cant wait until i can knit sweaters, im still on scarves haha

Julie said...

I just found your blog after searching for someone that has made the Smokin sweater. I'm at the shoulders and the pattern seems weird to me, did you have any problems with it.

Robyn Wade said...

Angela- We are flying in and out of Portland and will probably spend two days of our trip there (more if we can convince Philip's brother and sister-in-law to spend the last few days of our trip in Portland,) but most of our stay will be down in Eugene. I will let you know closer to the time and maybe we can have dinner or something. I would also really like to see Meg since I miss her every time she comes here.

Jewel- There are definitely problems with the medium shoulder of the Smokin' sweater. I did the math several times and the numbers never matched the ones in the pattern. There is no published errata anywhere for this book and since I never did a saddle shoulder before I consulted Elizabeth Zimmerman's instructions and plugged in her ratios which worked out perfectly. I didn't make note of the changes I made, but if you are still having trouble I could probably look at the pattern and figure it out for you. Just shoot me an email or pm me on ravelry (I am spingirl there.)