New Year, Same Me

It’s the beginning of a new year and time to reflect on the things I’ve done, the things I am doing, and the things I want to do. 2019 was a challenging year, but upon taking inventory it was also a very good year with a lot of great things resulting from meeting those challenges. One of the big things 2019 forced me to do was to get much more comfortable with the public side of my life. I am naturally an introvert and tend to be very private about my life and this year took a lot of that away from me. I spent more time on camera than ever before and while I am still not comfortable sharing my life in that way, it is becoming easier.

I switched to a monthly resolution system for 2019 which worked okay. My big accomplishments were tiling around my bathtub, buckling down and learning some marketing stuff I had been avoiding, and setting firm boundaries with people.

Now for my 2019 goals...
For this year I am going to try both ongoing and monthly challenges. Below are my ongoing and my monthly will be in my physical planner. I am also considering blogging again, but I am a little directionless in what I want this blog to be so we'll see.
  1. Zero out the shop maintenance list (i.e. fix what is broken) 
  2. Finish bathroom project (tile floor, replace sink, replace light fixture, replace switch, replace fan, paint walls) 
  3. Stay in more, cut weekday social outings to two or fewer per week. 
  4. Get online cross stitch store up and running. 
  5. Manage time better, cut out morning social media and replace with planning/work time. 
  6. Don’t work past 7 (exception for classes.) 
  7. Fewer things, more experiences. ​

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